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Welcome to our FAQ section! We’ve got all the answers you need about Club Car dealers, warranties, services, and more in Sun City Center. Let’s dive in and make your experience smooth and enjoyable.

How Do I Know If a Store Is a Club Car Dealer in Sun City Center?

The best way to verify is to check the dealer locator on the Club Car website. Simply enter your zip code, and you’ll find the nearest authorized dealers. Remember, Parts ‘n Carts (formerly Club Car of Sun City) is the ONLY authorized Club Car dealer in Sun City Center. Anyone else claiming otherwise is misinforming you, which could affect your warranty.

Did I Purchase a Brand New Cart with a Factory Warranty?

To confirm, contact the dealer you purchased from. Authorized Club Car dealers can verify your warranty status using your cart’s serial number in the Club Car warranty system.

How Do I Contact Club Car’s Customer Service Department?

For any customer or product-related questions, call 800-CLUBCAR, extension 1, or visit the contact us page on our website.

How Long Is My Factory Warranty on My Club Car Vehicle?

Warranty durations vary by vehicle type. Check with your dealer, review the warranty section in your owner’s manual, or contact Club Car directly.

What Is Covered Under My Factory Warranty?

Coverage depends on your vehicle type. Review the warranty section in your owner’s manual or contact your dealer for specifics.

If I Make Modifications to My Vehicle, Will It Still Be Covered?

Only Club Car authorized accessories installed by an authorized service dealer are covered under warranty.

What Happens If I Sell the Vehicle?

In some cases, the warranty is transferable. Check with your local dealer for details.

How Are Repairs Handled Under My Factory Warranty?

Take your vehicle to an authorized dealer for any issues. They will diagnose and repair the problem if it’s covered under warranty, and handle the paperwork with Club Car. If not covered, charges may apply, so verify with us first.

Does My Factory Warranty Cover Transporting the Unit to and From the Dealership?

No, transportation is not covered. Call us for clarification on pickup fees, if any.

My Club Car Vehicle Needs Repair, But the Warranty Has Expired. Will Assistance Be Offered?

Yes, an authorized dealer can help identify and repair issues even if the warranty has expired.

Is My Factory Warranty Valid at All Club Car Dealers?

Yes, any authorized Club Car dealer can check your warranty status using your vehicle’s serial number.

Can I Go to a Non-Club Car Dealer for Warranty Work?

No, only authorized Club Car dealers or distributors can perform warranty work.

Is My Warranty Good Outside of the United States?

Yes, Club Car warranties are valid at any authorized dealer or distributor worldwide.

How Long Is the Factory Spare Parts Warranty?

Contact your local authorized dealer for details on spare parts warranty.

How Long Is the Factory Warranty on My Club Car Accessory?

Coverage varies by vehicle. Check your owner’s manual or contact your dealer.

How Do I Transfer the Warranty on My Vehicle if I Sell It? Is It Transferable?

Contact your authorized dealer for information on transferring your vehicle’s warranty, if applicable.

Why Did Ray’s Golf Carts Change Its Name?

Wendy and Gordon purchased Ray’s Golf Carts in 2014 and kept the name for community recognition. In 2017, upon rebranding to align with Club Car, the name was changed to Parts ‘n Carts. Our new name reflects our broader range of services and products.

Why Did Club Car of Sun City Change Its Name?

To align with our broader range of brands and avoid logo confusion, we rebranded from Club Car of Sun City to Parts ‘n Carts.

Can You Sell Brand New Club Cars?

Yes, as the only authorized dealer in Sun City Center, we sell brand new and Club Car re-manufactured carts with full warranties. Beware of unauthorized sellers claiming their re-manufactured carts are new.

Is Displaying a Club Car Logo Proof of Authorization?

No, only authorized dealers can display the Club Car logo.

Is There Anything I Should Know About Golf Car Battery Care?

Yes! Proper battery care includes charging fully before use, regular maintenance, and periodic testing to ensure longevity and performance. For detailed battery care tips, contact us or check your owner’s manual.

What Does Club Car of Sun City/Ray’s Golf Carts Do?

We provide exceptional service and customer care for golf carts in Sun City Center and surrounding areas. We’ve been a trusted name in the community for over 15 years.

What Is Your Returns Policy?

A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number is required for all returns. Returns must include the original invoice and are subject to a 20% restocking fee. No returns on special order parts, electrical/electronic parts not installed by our technicians, or vehicle sales. No returns after 30 days.

Where Are You Located?

Find us at 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL 33573.

How Can I Get Literature on Club Car Products?

PDF versions of our literature are available at clubcar.com.

Where Can I Get an Owner’s Manual?

Contact our Parts Department to order an owner’s manual.

How Can I Identify the Model and Year of My Club Car?

Look for the serial number plaque on the lower edge of the dashboard. It includes 12 characters indicating the model, year, and production week. For help, contact Club Car with the serial number.

Are There Publications for Older Models?

Yes, contact our store to obtain a copy.

Do You Have Manuals in Other Languages?

Yes, owner’s manuals are available in several languages including Spanish, French, German, and more.

How Can I Find Out If There Are Any Recalls or Product Updates?

Current recalls are listed on clubcar.com. Contact us for information on past recalls.

How Can I Find Pricing for a Club Car Product?

Contact us for current pricing and assistance in finding the right product for you.

How Can I Find Out About Financing for Club Car Products?

Current financing options are available on clubcar.com.

I’m Having Trouble with My Club Car Vehicle. Where Can I Get Help?

Contact our service team by phone or through our website contact form.

How Do I Get a Spare Key for My Vehicle?

Order spare keys through our Parts Department.

Can My Warranty Be Put on Hold If I’m a Snowbird?

No, warranties provided by suppliers do not allow for suspension.

Can I Extend My Warranty?

Yes, we offer an external extended warranty service that covers most states. Contact us for a quote.

For any other questions or more detailed information, feel free to reach out to us at 813-634-6646. We’re here to help!

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